Advent and Christmas at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

We know that this holiday season will need to look different this year because of Covid-19.  But, we are hoping to create opportunities to celebrate Christmas – online and in person – with Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.  More information will be coming soon, but here is what we are planning right now:

-        Online Worship Services will continue

o   All worship service – including Christmas Eve – can be found on our website:

o   Christmas Decoration Photo Invitation: As you decorate your house for Christmas, please take a picture of your most meaningful  decoration and send it to us.  We especially invite photos of your nativity scene or other decorations that celebrate the birth of Jesus (ornaments, candle, star).  Please email photos to  In your email, we welcome you to include a line or two explaining what this Christmas decoration is and what it means to you.  Please email your photos as soon as you begin decorating for Christmas, but no later than December 15.  (Photos may appear in our online Christmas Eve worship.) 

       “Silent Night” at Sunset and 10:00 pm Christmas Eve

o   In addition to our online worship service, we will gather in person to sing “Silent Night” outside on Christmas Eve.  Bring your own candle and join us in the upper parking lot at church. 

        Visit our Sanctuary, Light a Candle, and Say a Prayer… 

o   Our Sanctuary will be open Sunday Evenings for Personal Prayer and Reflection – Sundays December 6, 13, and 20 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Come to church, say a prayer, and light a candle.  Many of us miss being in our Sanctuary – especially when it is decorated for Christmas – we hope to create a safe place to do this with masks, social distancing, and other protocols.

       Youth and Family Christmas Fun

o   Our Confirmation students will be creating a walk through Christmas Light Display here at church.  Starting December 1 – continuing all month.  Come any night, walk through the light display and read a story about Jesus.

o   Our Sunday School families will be invited to an Open House – December 6 or 13.    We will have costumes to wear for our 2020 Christmas Program and crafts for the Advent Workshop (many available in to go bags).  Photos and video clips from this Christmas Program Open House will be used in the Christmas Eve Worship Service. Christmas Program and Advent Workshop *Open House*. 

Sign up for a timeslot here.

Thank you for joining us for worship! 

We are missing you in the building, but know that WE are the church and we are praying for you! 

Please sign up for our e-mails below. We are also on Facebook! Currently our office is closed but if you need to contact us, we will be checking our messages and e-mails regularly. 

Here we are friends.

We will not be gathering to worship in the same place - our church building, we hope to provide a worship experience online. 

We will be learning as we go, how to reach out digitally to as many people as possible. 


We are following the CDC and the State of MN Guidlines for use of gathering space. Please stay home and take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Click for the Letter to the Congretation from Pastor Dave and church president Sara Henderickson

Click HERE for the Minutes of the Vision Council Meeting March 26, 2020


We are located in beautiful Duluth, Minnesota, a few blocks up for the great Lake Superior! You are welcome to join us if you live here or are visiting the North Shore!

At Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Duluth, MN, we believe that our purpose is to make disciples of all nations by going, teaching and baptizing.  Jesus' Great Commission inspires our Mission Statement:

We are a Community of Christ

experiencing God,

reaching out,

nurturing faith.



 There are more things going on "in" the church besides worship! Come see what you would like to be involved with! 

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