Wednesdays in January, at 4:00 pm, we will be assembling winter care kits.  (Small bags filled with chapsticks, kleenex packs, sanitizing wipes, lotions, hand warmers, etc...)  Local organizations will distribute these bags to those in need.  

After the project is complete, some of the 11th graders will be here to lead fun activities.  

We'll save Feb. 3 and Feb. 10 as backup dates in case the weather doesn't cooperate.  After that, we'll have a new plan for Confirmation that celebrates Lent.  (Probably a little later in the evening, because I know this 4:00 time frame doesn't work for everyone - we just need the daylight for now.)





Welcome to Confirmation!  Confirmation is a time to prepare for the moment you will stand up in front of friends, family, and our church and say:

"Yes, I believe!".  We meet on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall during the school year..  During that time you will:  

learn what the church believes

talk about what your family believes

listen to what your friends in Confirmation believe

and think about what YOU believe.


CONFIRMATION Assignments and Expectations:

      -          Attend Confirmation on Wednesday Nights.
 If you miss Confirmation (especially when you miss multiple weeks for another activity), please complete a Verse Reflection for every week missed.  The Bible Verse of the Week is listed on the Confirmation calendar in parenthesis.   Verse Reflection Form


  -          15 Worship Notes:
15 Sermon Notes are required during each year of Confirmation. Worship notes from a different church must have a copy of the bulletin attached. 

Sermon Note Form.

Receive Double Worship Note Credit on:

·           Confirmation Sunday at the 11:00 service

·           Christmas (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

·          Ash Wednesday

·           Palm Sunday

·           Maundy Thursday 

·           Good Friday

·           Easter


       -          15 Service Hours:
15 Service Hours are required during each year of Confirmation.  Service Hour Cards must include a parent signature or initial. Service Hour Forms.


    -      3 Verse Reflection Worksheets:
Each student is asked to complete three verse reflection worksheets during each year of Confirmation. You may complete more, if needed, as make up assignments. Verse Reflection Form


   -  Make-up form:

Should you miss a Wednesday night please work on this form with a family member or close adult friend. Confirmation Make Up Assignment


        -     Acolyte:
Each student is asked to acolyte three times during each year of Confirmation. Sign up for to Acolyte Here 


      -     End of the Year Paper:
One Page paper describing what you learned in Confirmation this year. Due at the End of the Year Party!


      -     January Retreat:
Attendance to the January Retreat is required!  If you are unable to attend part or all of the retreat, you will be given a large make up assignment.