Welcome to Confirmation!  Confirmation is a time to prepare for the moment you will stand up in front of friends, family, and our church and say:

"Yes, I believe!".  We meet on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall during the school year..  During that time you will:  

learn what the church believes

talk about what your family believes

listen to what your friends in Confirmation believe

and think about what YOU believe.


CONFIRMATION Assignments and Expectations:

      -          Attend Confirmation on Wednesday Nights.
 If you miss Confirmation (especially when you miss multiple weeks for another activity), please complete a Verse Reflection for every week missed.  The Bible Verse of the Week is listed on the Confirmation calendar in parenthesis.   Verse Reflection Form


  -          15 Worship Notes:
15 Sermon Notes are required during each year of Confirmation. Worship notes from a different church must have a copy of the bulletin attached. 

Sermon Note Form.

Receive Double Worship Note Credit on:

·           Confirmation Sunday at the 11:00 service

·           Christmas (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

·          Ash Wednesday

·           Palm Sunday

·           Maundy Thursday 

·           Good Friday

·           Easter


       -          15 Service Hours:
15 Service Hours are required during each year of Confirmation.  Service Hour Cards must include a parent signature or initial. Service Hour Forms.


    -      3 Verse Reflection Worksheets:
Each student is asked to complete three verse reflection worksheets during each year of Confirmation. You may complete more, if needed, as make up assignments. Verse Reflection Form


   -  Make-up form:

Should you miss a Wednesday night please work on this form with a family member or close adult friend. Confirmation Make Up Assignment


        -     Acolyte:
Each student is asked to acolyte three times during each year of Confirmation. Sign up for to Acolyte Here 


      -     End of the Year Paper:
One Page paper describing what you learned in Confirmation this year. Due at the End of the Year Party!


      -     January Retreat:
Attendance to the January Retreat is required!  If you are unable to attend part or all of the retreat, you will be given a large make up assignment.