During the next six months, we will explore six faith practices that help us live out our roles as disciples and stewards, living in and out of God’s grace that so graciously comes down to us.  We will discover …

· How Prayer is the ongoing gift of conversation with God. 

· The discipleship practice of study that intentionally immerses us in God’s word and reminds us of God’s presence in our lives.

· worship, where we gather around the table in community and are nurtured by the word of God to give thanks and praise to God

· How invitation is a vital way the disciple lives out God’s grace in relationships.

· Service as way of life that encompasses God’s love in a way that, to “serve”, becomes the center of everyday living among our neighbors and the world. 

· Giving is a matter of the heart.  The practice of giving is our response to God’s rich and abundant grace in Jesus Christ.



Please join us for worship focused on learning more about these faith practices with this years Gospel of Luke:

Sundays: June 16th: Pray  

 July 21st: Study  

August 18th: Worship  

September 15th: Invite  

October 27th: Serve

November 17th: Give

Summer Evening Prayer and Communion

We will summarize and celebrate the insights expressed in the monthly Bible Studies and Sunday Worship. 

June 26th at 6:30pm

July 31st  at 6:30pm

August 28th at 6:30pm


June 2019 - Pray Bible Study here  




July 2019 - Study Bible Study here




August 2019 - Worship Bible Study here



September 2019 - "Invite" Bible Study HERE 


October 2019- "Study" Bible Study Here