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Sunday School

Service Project Sundays

January 6 – January 13 – January 20

We will have hands-on projects for the whole family to help make a difference in our community.  Designed for all Sunday School ages – from 3 year olds to 6th graders – plus parent/adult helpers. 

Our Reaching Out Leadership Team is helping to coordinate the service projects this year.  We are so excited to partner for these amazing weeks!   

On Sunday, January 27th, we’ll go back to “traditional” Sunday School and start learning the classic Bible Story – Noah’s Ark! 

Save the Date: January Milestones

2 Year Old Music Milestone – Sunday, January 20th – All 2 Year olds will receive music CDs

Kindergarten Prayer Pillow Milestone - Sunday, January 27th – All Kindergarteners will receive prayer pillows with a special prayer book tucked inside. 

To receive these special gifts; please join us in worship at either 8:45 or 11:00 services

We offer a variety of programs and events for children three years old to 6th grade.  All children are welcome and encouraged to bring friends with them to Good Shepherd!  Sunday School is held during the school year from 10:00 – 10:50 AM.  Our rotational model of Sunday School involves many hands-on activities that your child will be sure to enjoy.  This year we’re using the SPARK rotational curriculum from Augsburg Fortress.

Registration for 2018-19 is open! HERE

The sooner you can register online, the better!  Once you have registered online, we will be able to create a nametag for your child (complete with emergency contact information!)

 Advent Workshop this Sunday!

We have lots of amazing crafts and projects planned – including these wreath ornaments!

10:00 – Sunday School Children will do a Full Run Through Practice for the Christmas Program

11:00 – The Advent Workshop Begins!

12:00 – Potluck Lunch

A-L: Please bring soup to share (or something similar)

M-Z: Please bring a side to share (fruit, bread, crackers, dessert, etc… Whatever you think goes well with soup for kids)

We’ll provide all of the supplies, but please bring something to share for lunch.  And parents/grandparents: please plan on staying with your children to help and supervise.  There will be hot glue guns, wood burners, and needles – oh my! 

This is one of the best Sunday School days of the year!